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Flirty Chocolate & Pink Apron

In my pursuit of joyfulness, I am running into some trouble with tasks that are NOT my favorite thing.  Cleaning is NOT my favorite thing.  Today I decided to make a task that is not my favorite just a little bit better by adding some things that ARE my favorite.  Now a task I don’t look forward to holds quite a bit of charm!  There is something quite rewarding about sipping on the lemonade arduously squeezed from lemons.

Flirty Aprons ARE my favorite thing.  Pink and chocolate polkadots ARE my favorite thing.  Barefoot shoes ARE my favorite thing.  Chocolate comfy leggings that are long enough for my tall legs ARE my favorite thing.  Snuggly leg warmers ARE my favorite thing.  Random print ombre tees ARE my favorite thing.  Cute bangle charm bracelets to hold my watch ARE my favorite thing. 

All these great items will add joy to my daily tasks, not only in my cleaning business, but also in my home.  (Though, I think I might have to do all of my Flylady tasks in one big day if I get to wear such cuteness!)

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