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Many Thanks on this Veteran's Day Week

Many Thanks on this Veteran’s Day Week

Today is Veterans Day.  A special day set aside, a day to honor those brave ones still with us who have given a piece of their lives to maintain the freedoms of America that we enjoy so much.  I appreciate veterans so much.
They seem so UN appreciated to me, that they don’t get the respect and honor they deserve. They have sacrificed their time and their lives and yet are not cared for by the people they have sacrificed for.  The war wounds that go unnoticed so often need to be addressed.  The fulfillment of promises for funding and education made years ago, before veterans ever chose to serve, has recently been cut.  I cannot express passionately enough how I feel that those who have served need to be honored and provided for.
I am not a huge fan of warring, but I AM a fan of caring for those who make the lives we enjoy happen.
Today I honor those who have gone before, those who are currently giving up a piece of themselves in order to maintain the structure of our government.  I don’t need to agree with the way that government is ordered in order to agree that these wonderful men and women are doing their best and that they need to be honored for that and they need to be taken care of, and that we need to invest in them.
To all veterans I appreciate your service, I appreciate what you have given, I appreciate your heart, that you have a passion, for your country, for the people, for structure.  And, I appreciate your willingness to give your whole self to maintain this structure.
Today I honor you.  Today I reach my hand out to you.  Today I call for attention and generosity and love.  I call for joy and all the freedoms we bask in and the peace which you have fought so well to gain to be showered down upon you.  Today is your day.  We love you.  We thank you.  We appreciate you.  We reach our hands out to do what we can for you.
Thank you.

Please post the name of the veteran you would like to honor in the comments below.

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