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I can not get the incredible thought of …joining and incredible health & wellness center (GYM) out of my head today.  I’m just bursting at the seams for the excitement of it.  I’ve spent so much time trying to heal my inner self, get my insides well, listen, understand & respect the self that I am and want to be, that I have been quite unconcerned as to the outer self I carry around each day.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I feed it properly, and get enough rest and take care of it in that way.

But, as I have been attempting to understand it’s subtle ways of communicating with me, I’ve been attempting NOT to override it’s decision to pack on the pounds over the last several years, but rather to embrace it and allow it to speak to me, and… to not FORCE it into submission about how much it wants to weigh.

But now, now, something new is working.  Everything inside of me is crying out to be stronger.  To be fitter.  To be able to play and full of energy.  Everything inside of me feels ready to get MOVING!  And so, we’re off, my body and me.  We’re off to the gym!  I’ve tried out Yoga Stretch, Aqua Fit, Spin-tervals, Moms in Motion, Deep Water, & Tai Chi.  Love, love, LOVE!  So, so fun!  I can’t wait to meet with the physiologist/trainer and get my workouts going in addition to all these classes.

Get ready world, fun, fun, fun, my body and I are MOVING!!!

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