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What’s My Life’s Purpose?

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Great question, eh?  What’s my life’s purpose?  I did an exercise this week on discovering your life’s purpose.  It was a short YouTube video and then a couple of 10 or 15 minute reflections.  The idea was that the pattern of negative feelings (negative imprint) you encounter during your lifetime are a direct contrast to what you are here to accomplish.

In reflection time I ferreted out that my pattern of negative feelings has been disappointment.  I looked up the antonyms to the word “disappointment” and found a perfect word for what I both wish I had experienced, and, feel like I want to bring to every situation of my life: DELIGHT.

The opposite of disappointment for me is delight (though, of course this would be different depending on the person doing the exercise, for there were MANY words to choose from, each with a slightly differing focus).  For me, I want to bring delight, first myself, then those who are closest to me, and then spread delight to the world in everything I do.  I want to feel delight in every breath I take.  It is so true.  I would be perfectly joyous in every situation where I could bring delight.

This was a wonderful activity for me adding another layer of depth to my currently perceived “life’s purpose.”  Using what I grasped from this, I redefined the concept of my personal Life’s Purpose to be a bit more broad, yet perhaps this definition could lend more joy to the minutia of daily tasks too.

To bring delight to myself & the world.  I like it.  I’ll try it on for size.

Go on and try out the exercise yourself and let me know what YOU came up with and how it changes your day to day interactions.  If it helps you, Share with your friends who are looking for their life’s purpose.

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