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1 Bowl Instant Frozen Yogurt | Nourishing Nuggets

1) Greek Coconut Yogurt (or any slightly sweet, plain-ish yogurt will do)
2) Ground Flax & Chia Seeds
3) Frozen Berries
Stir together until the berries slightly freeze & thicken the yogurt.
Enjoy your instant & healthy ‘Big 3’ Snack!

I’ve been trying to add the “Big 3” to all my foods lately and feeling REALLY good as a result.  The “Big 3” are Protein, Omega-3’s & Live Food.  One thing that has been refreshing is that the kiddos have adopted this practice with joy!  Wow.  For most meals & snacks I’ve been starting by asking them what they want for each of the three so they’ve been able to participate even more than usual in the prep.  Participation always equals happier eaters in our house.

Last night though, I was awakened by a little one and couldn’t get back to sleep.  As usual, once I’m awake for an hour or so, hunger sets in.  Into the fridge I groggily rummaged, looking for something I could silently assemble without waking the little now sleeping on the couch.  I knew there was nothing I could just grab ‘n’ go.  My eye landed on some Greek coconut yogurt and my little bag of flax & chia seeds that I grind fresh once a week and keep in the fridge.

Hmmm… now this could be plausible.  Protein in the yogurt, Omega-3 in the flax, if only I had something to whisk away the weird texture the flax would add to my smooth yogurt… and, there it was, what about the frozen “Anti-oxidant Berry Mix” I had in the freezer?!  YES!  Not only a texture saver but also a freezing agent & my Live Food!  I gobbled it up and was sleeping soundly again moments later.

The real test came the afternoon after.  I set both boys down to “being ice cream mixers” with their ‘Big 3’ Frozen Yogurt.  LOVE!  Gobbled all up and declared a snack we need to have every day!

Win.  Hope you enjoy as much as we are.


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