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How to Change Your Life|Diving Deeper

Changing Your Life by Diving Deeper into Your Emotions

  1. Invest 18 minutes to watch the video below by Teal Swan.
  2. Recognize negative emotions as triggers which are meant to change your life & heal past emotional wounds.  Name the emotions with clarity.  Naming them makes you the observer rather than the experiencer.
  3. Recognize the messengers.  Events causing the emotions are not new, they are messengers of wounds asking to be healed.
  4. Sit with the emotion.  Don’t escape, don’t distract.  Be completely present with the way that emotion feels, the sensation.
  5. While breathing in and out remind yourself and your emotions as if you were speaking to them say, “I am completely here with you now”.
  6. Ask yourself: How do I feel?  Name the aspects of your feelings you’ve long since repressed.
  7. Ask yourself: When was the last time I felt this?  Fully experience those sensations.
  8. Ask yourself: When did I first experience this same feeling in my life?  Allow yourself to go all the way back, it is not necessary to rush this step-feel it completely.  You may see yourself as a child.  Pay attention to everything that comes up in this picture or feeling.  Be completely in this.  Just digging these feelings up completely changes the experience and brings it into the present.
  9. If just feeling seems that it needs more, do what is necessary to bring comfort in the picture that comes up in answer to these questions.

May you be healed and your life changed forever.

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