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Juicy Banana Shake|Juicing for Kids


Breakfasts are a challenge as we are healing Juvenile Arthritis at our house.  Today I hit on a freshly pressed juice/shake that the kid really liked.

Juicy Banana Shake

Makes mom 8oz of Juice & a 16oz kid shake.

Juice together:
1/2 cucumber
4 small stalks celery
2 large bok choy leaves
3 small carrots
small handful parsely
several handfuls wheat grass

Pour off 8oz of juice for mom to drink then blend (we used our Magic Bullet) the remaining juice well with:

1/2 banana
1 homegrown raw egg
2 Tbsp frozen berries
1 tsp finely ground linseed
1/2 tsp lecithin
spinach to fill 2 cup blender cup

That’s it.  Serve it up for a tasty breakfast or take with you for a meal on the run.

Many thanks to Melissa over at for the smoothie picture just like ours!  Check her website out for smoothies for the family members who aren’t healing Juvenile Arthritis.

Share those breakfast recipes that work for your little healer!

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