Chronicles Von Quandt

The Story of The Adventures

Out of the Darkness|Episode 6

A Series of Vignettes

On the Soul’s Journey to Freedom


Her hand trembled slightly though she knew there was nothing wrong. She grasped around in her head looking for something to calm this flutter that would not silence. Darkness.  All she saw was nothingness surrounded by an easily all powerful purple light. It shone its glory over everything.
Wait… That was it, the darkness was only light shining so brightly that nothing could be seen. She didn’t need to find the reason. She just needed to feel it. Why should her hands stop shaking? Why should she calm the flutter?  Was it wrong to be so completely engulfed in love that it shook your extremities as though you had run a marathon?
Just because it was unfamiliar didn’t mean it had to stop. It felt like heaven to shake like an aspen tree when her heart remembered his touch. The warm flow of purple light which flooded her every waking moment washed over her with so much power it was almost uncomfortable.
It had been so long. She had stopped even hoping for this feeling. She had stopped dreaming that someday she would be overcome with passion again. She had given up hope that he would possess her soul again.  She had given up hope that her other half would live once again.
Her brain searched her head again. The trembling. The purple glow seemed to shiver down the length of her body like a serpent wrapping tightly. No part of her escaped. The tenderest of parts were most affected. She quaked with desire. Within the serpent of illumined love the fire of desire burned hot within her.
Nothing gave. Nothing eased up. Nothing made sense.
Was in love.





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