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Don’t Stay in School | Boy In A Band

 This touching song by Boy in a Band exposes much of what I’ve been studying recently on the writings and philosophy of those who instated our country’s current school system. 

Don’t Stay in School…

You might be interested in some more about what Dave thinks, especially regarding all the attention Don’t Stay in School is getting as it sweeps across the world.  Here are his comments on the comments.

Don’t Stay in School Hate Comments

You’ve got to give Dave a hand for the impact he’s having.  Here’s what has come of it already!

If you’re interested in the philosophy and writings of them men who were in charge of putting the structure in place that is the reason for “Don’t Stay in School,” your best bet is John Taylor Gatto’s work.  He has the most mind blowing comprehensive information about this here.

It’s a shame that they did it specifically to numb the children by a young age into the drudgery of plebeian work they intended to conscript them to after their “school” years. Sad that they were willing to crush the wonderful adventure that the American Spirit had been so that they would have a work force for the industrial age who would just follow what they were told rather than continue to innovate and raise up competition to what the industrial leaders were creating. Tragic to have lost the root meaning of “Education: To bring out or lead forth” upon generations of people, and rather than lead them forth into their creativity and passion, turn them into silent languishing masses.

But if you don’t have 5 hours to be buried in excruciating historical data… check out more of the heart Boy In A Band with his inspiring video and educated info about Elon Musk and saving the world.  Since this guy is sweeping the world, why not really get the feeling for the spirit behind Don’t Stay in School?

This is a pretty controversial topic… Leave your comments below!

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