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19 Week Old Baby Walter: More Than a “Clump of Cells”

A wonderful story of life in the womb has gone viral this week.  Little Baby Walter is sweeping the world with his short tale of all the little lives in utero.  Thank you for the gift of life you have now given to other little ones, Walter.  You lived a beautiful legacy.

19 Week Old Baby Walter

19 Week Old Baby Walter

It’s always wonderful when something good can come out of something awful.

Walter Joshua Fretz was born at only 19 weeks – which is a phase of pregnancy that many pro-abortion proponents say it is perfectly okay to abort an unborn baby. Even though Walter didn’t live long past his birth, his parents were amazed at how perfect he was. His mother, Lexi, later wrote –

I was crying so hard at this point, but he was perfect. He was fully formed and everything was there, I could see his heart beating in his tiny chest. Joshua and I both held him and cried over him and looked over our perfect, tiny son.

Walter’s father, Joshua, took pictures of the family holding Baby Walter and the pictures were posted online. The pictures and Walter’s story soon went viral. Some are even saying that this story is changing their minds about abortion –

“Just came across Walter’s pictures… I am pregnant and been in such a bad place this week. Did my first scan last week and he’s a boy, too. But this week I started praying for a miscarriage or decide to terminate since his father has shirked all responsibility. I asked God to gimme a sign today that we will be fine, or I go ahead and seek a termination tomorrow. A few hours later I see the link on Facebook. It put me to tears. But most importantly it has made me know without a doubt that i cannot do this to him.”

“I have always thought it was a woman’s choice to abort a pregnancy! Again lack of understanding thinking or rather being led to believe that at this stage a woman would be aborting a fetus ( mass of cells!) How wrong!!!  I’m glad you chose to share your story and beautiful photos of such a sad time in your life as you’ve educated me!”

“I’m pregnant 8 weeks and for 3 weeks of that I have been in total agony what to do weather to keep him/her or abort ( I’m not in a great position for children at the moment) but you have put my life into perspective, I can love this baby and “get by” so that’s enough now for me, I’m keeping this baby I’m carrying and I’m going to treasure him/her for eternity.”

Remember in conversations about  20 week pregnancies and that a fetus is nothing more than an nondescript clump of cells… remember the story of 19 week Baby Walter. Remember how human a baby looks at even 19-weeks of pregnancy.

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