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Homemade Fruit Snacks | Healthy Too!

Homemade Fruit Snacks

Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks Recipe

Author: Katie

We are big fans of Gelatin at our house and we use it in a lot of different ways. These homemade fruit snacks and homemade marshmallows are the kid-favorites in our house, and I can feel good about giving it to them since it is a source of protein and vitamins.

Just like the chewable vitamins recipe, different vitamins can be added to these to make them even more nutritious. The kombucha adds nutrients as well, making these fruit snacks even healthier.

There are really endless ways this recipe could be adapted, and I’ve included our favorite below. If you experiment with different flavors or combinations, please share them below!

These can be made by pouring in to an oiled container or silicone molds.  The recipe fills about 4-5  molds, or a medium baking dish (oiled). If you use a baking dish, just cut the fruit snacks once they gel. If you use the molds, stick them in the fridge to harden and in the freezer for 5 minutes before popping them out to make them come out easier.

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Homemade Fruit Snacks
Healthy homemade fruit snacks packed with nutrients from gelatin, fruit, kombucha (optional) and juice.
Author: Wellness Mama
Recipe type: Snack
  1. Note: It is important to have all ingredients ready before beginning as you’ll need to work quickly once you start.
  2. Puree fruit to create a puree the consistency of applesauce or a little thinner. For us, defrosted frozen berries pureed in a blender or food processor work perfectly. Set aside one cup of pureed fruit.
  3. Set aside one cup of kombucha or fruit juice. We prefer homemade kombucha flavored with strawberries for this recipe. (Here is how to make kombucha)
  4. Boil ½ cup water.
  5. Place ½ cup cool water in a medium sized bowl or quart size mason jar.
  6. Add ½ cup gelatin powder and stir quickly to create a paste.
  7. Quickly add the ½ cup boiling water and stir again briskly.
  8. This should form a thick but stirable liquid.
  9. Add the honey or maple syrup and stir.
  10. Add the kombucha/juice and pureed fruit and stir well. You can stir with a spoon or whisk, or use an immersion blender to make it really easy.
  11. Very quickly pour the mixture in to molds or a greased glass baking dish or other greased dish and allow to cool in fridge for 2-3 hours.
  12. Store in fridge in an airtight container for 1-2 weeks.
  13. Enjoy!

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