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Sleeping on a Sofa is Better

I think I’m probably a weird one on this topic (not that it’s the only topic I present with a weird perspective…).  Beds.  What should they be composed of.  My weird view is that they should be sofas.  Not the super lame, incredibly uncomfortable “sofa beds.”  No.  I’m talking about the actual SOFA.  Sofas are the best sleep for me.  And, I’m wondering, would everyone sleep better on them if they just gave it a try?  You know how the mattress companies say “Try it for 30 Days.”  Well, they know you need to get used to something before you decide.  How many of us have given the old sofa a solid “3o Day Trial.”  And how many of us would be takers if we actually did that… eh???

I invariably sleep better on a sofa than I do on a bed.  There are many benefits.  First, there is the advantage of having something to lean up against from head to toe.  Love it.  Second, there is the wonder of having bedding that is always loose.  Nothing tucked in or restrictive.  Then, not only is it loose but you never have to share it with anyone else so my neatly airy and non restrictive cocoon can be fastened around me on every side, completely omitting drafts and safe from anyone else’ movements.  Ahhh… my cocoon!  A dream night’s sleep.

Not Everyone Thinks Sleeping on a Sofa is Better

But alas, my spouse sleeps better on a bed than a sofa and, there isn’t enough room for two on a sofa anyway so even if he did sleep better, we’d still be up a creek without a paddle.  Here are some bed ideas in case you are blessed with the same “sleeping on a sofa is better” trouble.









Ok, so granted, the pink has got to go, but how the heck comfortable would snuggling in to watch a movie for the evening be in this bombshell?  Huh?  Admit it, it’d be comfortable.  Walk away from all your Barbie stereotypes and just think how great that’d be.  Of course, I’d ditch those tucked sheets and move the pillows so I could hog all the “headboard” as the sofa but, it’s the general idea.





Sometimes you just need more versatility!  Do whatever the heck you want with these moveable bad boys!  Love.  What do you think?  Comment below if sleeping on the sofa is better for you.

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