The Art of Napping

I woke up tired today.  Again.  Can’t even blame this one on the kids, though I did wake up once thinking that I heard their door opening and shutting, and then again thinking I heard crying.  Nope.  They slept soundly all night.  I, on the other hand, was up and up and up.  Sad.

I’ve had my off and on bouts of sleeplessness but this morning when I awoke this morning it seemed the sleep fairy was at work even in my tossing and turning.  Dropped into my inbox was an article about napping!  It was surprisingly refreshing for the girl who has a long history of feeling like not quite enough has been accomplished… every single day.

The article was a delightful review of an entire book about napping.  Turns out it’s really good for you and instead of waiting till that slump comes at 3pm, you should just indulge in a nice, quiet nap.  Practice The Art of Napping!  Here’s the YouTube video where Brian Johnson reviews Take a Nap, Change Your Life! by Sara Medick.  10 minutes worth watching:

Master the Art of Napping Chart

Don’t know how much of a nap is best for you?  Here are all the facts and figures in visual form thanks to the beauties over at



And so, I am off to take a little power nap now and see if I can’t get some practice in the Art of Napping, I will be using my favorite isochronic power nap playing on my computer to make sure I get up in an hour instead of sleeping during dinner prep.  The kiddos are having a “quiet time” and all will slow down here for a bit.

Good luck with all of your sleepy endeavors!  Leave a comment below to share how napping has impacted your life.

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