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Breaking Through Your Upper Limit Problem

Everybody Has An Upper Limit Problem This week I have made some serious breakthroughs in my upper limits.  As I was looking for simplicity in the steps to really embrace … Continue reading

April 30, 2015 · Leave a Comment

A Trick to Keep Avocados From Browning

Keep Avocados from Browning Forever!! Don’t you hate it when you put your avocado in the fridge and it turns brown.  You know it’s tasty and fresh under that oxidization … Continue reading

April 14, 2015 · Leave a Comment

Homemade Fruit Snacks | Healthy Too!

Homemade Fruit Snacks This week we are trying Homemade Fruit Snacks from Katie over at Wellness Mama. This recipe is hers and it was so great, I didn’t make any changes to … Continue reading

March 20, 2015 · Leave a Comment

How to Create a Lawn Sofa

Make your own Lawn Sofa We are working on getting our yard ready for summer and this is one of our favorite ideas.  I love spending time outdoors but feel … Continue reading

March 3, 2015 · Leave a Comment

Chakra Cleansing Tones

Cleansing the Chakras through Music Each day for the next three weeks I am doing a meditation on one of the seven chakras and found this set of tones to … Continue reading

February 19, 2015 · Leave a Comment

Lecithin: 4 Tips to More Nutrition

One of the things we’re trying to add to our diet to support nourishing the bones in juvenile arthritis is lecithin. According to Andrew W. Saul over at Lecithin … Continue reading

February 13, 2015 · Leave a Comment

15 Uses for Epsom Salts

I am trying to figure out how to store 50 pounds of epsom salts this afternoon and ran across this great information over at Food Storage Moms.  The salts really … Continue reading

February 9, 2015 · Leave a Comment

5 Minerals Your Kids can’t Do Without

This post is a great reminder when dealing with healing and allergies.  When you pull foods from the diet in order to allow healing (for children & adults) make sure … Continue reading

February 3, 2015 · Leave a Comment

Immune System Support|Healing Hypnosis

We have the flu this week and I tried a new technique to appreciate what I usually recognize as a negative feeling simply for its neutral energy.  This yielded great … Continue reading

February 2, 2015 · Leave a Comment

Morning Comfort Metabolism Booster

This is my favorite morning comfort beverage.  Not as rich as creamed coffee but not as light as milked tea either.  It has the health benefits of raw cacao, coconut … Continue reading

January 31, 2015 · Leave a Comment

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