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Thursday’s Thoughts

“Each and every master, regardless of the era or the place, heard the call and attained harmony with heaven and earth. There are many paths leading to the top of … Continue reading

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Intuition Training

I’ve been working on developing my intuition lately.  Here’s a helpful infographic to simply guide intuiting efforts from my favorite publishing company

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What’s My Life’s Purpose?

Great question, eh?  What’s my life’s purpose?  I did an exercise this week on discovering your life’s purpose.  It was a short YouTube video and then a couple of 10 … Continue reading

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The Divine Ratio Applied to Life

  I sat down to do a little soul work today.  Meditating on the concept that what we resist persists.  It occurred to me that a large part of why … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thoughts | Inspired Quotes of the Week

Today there is news of a wonderful teacher getting closer to being finished with his physical body.  What a blessing it has been for me to come to the realization that … Continue reading

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Honoring Our Veterans

Today is Veterans Day.  A special day set aside, a day to honor those brave ones still with us who have given a piece of their lives to maintain the … Continue reading

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Joyful Cleaning Tips

In my pursuit of joyfulness, I am running into some trouble with tasks that are NOT my favorite thing.  Cleaning is NOT my favorite thing.  Today I decided to make … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thoughts | Inspired Quotes of the Week

I am so inspired by the wise words spoken by those who have gone before me. Our recent celebration of Halloween reminded me that this pagan celebration of ancestors, a special day to … Continue reading

November 6, 2014 · 1 Comment

365 Days of Gratefulness

Gratefulness Journal Inspiration It has been three hundred sixty-five days since i began my gratefulness journal.  One year ago I found an easy little app to write in.  It was … Continue reading

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Trip to The San Francisco Bay | Beach Family Portraits

Best San Francisco Bay Beach for Families Our Adventure this week is a quick trip to Novato, Ca.  A short 25 minutes from the San Francisco Bay, 30 minutes from … Continue reading

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