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I sat down to do a little soul work today.  Meditating on the concept that what we resist persists.  It occurred to me that a large part of why I resist my current living situation is because my home is out of balance.  Specifically, I was thinking of our living room bookshelf: I know the rule for a peaceful bookshelf: 1/3 allotted for items to be used, 1/3 for decorative items just to bless the space and 1/3 for emptiness, to lend rest.  Our bookshelf is straying from that rule …by quite a lot.  It is jammed with about 80% used items, 15% decorative & 5% emptiness.  It drives me nuts every time I see it… and that is often.  To compound the trouble, when something drives me nuts my natural response is to ignore it, so now, not only is it out of balance, but it also comes nowhere close to being neat and tidy.  Aghrrr…

This 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 ratio is a truth found all throughout nature & I wondered if the straying from the rule might be what causes my spirit so much distress.  Indeed, as I think of much of my home, almost all of it is out of balance in this same way.  And, I feel distressed much of the time, out of balance, as though there is no room in my life for expansion, no room for the lovely things in life, no room for being still.

Upon more thought, I was reminded that this “bookshelf” rule is similar to a new idea I recently heard in regards to the christian concept: of God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit.  The idea was that the three parts of the christian trinity explain the three parts of God’s works, God as the Creator (Father), God as the Created (Son) & the God that Is (Spirit) or, the “everything/nothing else, Being” part of God.

I relate to this “Creator, Created & Being” concept.  In order to have all that Is, there must be what Created It, what was Created &, all of It must BE.  Seems simple and straightforward.  Also, seems like something we should emulate as we attempt to live in the peace & balance of God.  It is found everywhere, art, nature, furniture, our bodies, so many places.  And, wherever it is discovered, there is found perfect balance and all seems well.

When related to the bookshelf it occurred to me that the “Creator” would be the decorations, the finer things, the wonders which are to be appreciated, the “Created” would be the books, all of the useful items doing that which they have been created for, and the “Being” would be the emptiness, the place where new things are able to come into being because there in the emptiness, there is room for them.  This, I thought, is a beautiful thing.  And, indeed, when out of balance in the way mine is would leave one’s spirit overwhelmed and smothered.

I sifted mentally through the rest of my home… all out of balance in the same way.  Then my mind drifted to the way I spend my TIME.  Also prioritized in about the same NON Golden format.  “How,” came the question, “would someone’s life look if they followed the Divine Ratio with their time?  If we have 14 hours in a day, do we use 4.5 of them Creating the finer things of life?  Do we use 4.5 of them DOING what we have created?  Do we spend 4.5 of them in the REST that frees our spirits to just BE?”  Wow.

Many changes will have to take place in all aspects of my life to follow the principle of this Divine Ratio.  I am excited to begin applying it.  How will it feel to have my filing cabinet 1/3 full of nothingness, waiting to be filled?  What would it do to my finances to spend 1/3, save 1/3 & give away 1/3?

I know not, but I am looking forward to the discovery.

Share in the comments how you live by the Divine Ratio or what happened when you applied it.

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