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Black Point Clam Chowder|Comfort Food


Black Point Clam Chowder

1 pkg bacon -cook to crisp in skillet.  Remove, cool & chop.
1 LARGE onion -chop & cook in bacon grease-add chopped bacon.  Remove into large soup pot.
1/8 flour -Add to onion & mix together.
48 oz. chopped clams in clam juice -add to onion.
1/2 gallon whole milk -add to clam mixture.
10 medium red potatoes leave skin on -cube & add to soup.

Cook till potatoes are al dente then add one bunch of finely chopped celery.
Season to taste w/ Salt & Pepper.  Top with finely chopped parsley & serve w/Caesar Salad (dressed with flax oil Caesar Dressing for Omega-3’s & Live Food).

Our visit to the ocean to welcome the New Year in before Husband begins his 3 hour/day early morning stint co-hosting the radio show was met with this amazing meal prepared for us.  Heaven came down and clam chowder filled our bowls.  May the rest of our year be filled with as much blessing and may yours too!

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