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Steps to Dive Deeper into Anger

Anger is an emotion which is gifted to us to save us from deeper tragedy.  Here are steps to move further and further, not only away from the tragedy, but also upward toward emotional health and the corresponding positive feelings.  Many thanks to Teal Swan for this inspired approach.

  1. Don’t distract yourself from your anger.
  2. Care that you are angry by seeing your anger as valid and important.  Understand that anger is like a crying child who needs care.  Ask yourself: what do I feel so threatened by?  Why do I feel so threatened by ______? What about that hurt me so bad? What am I really afraid of in this situation?  What need do I have in this situation that is not getting met?
  3. Be unconditionally present with whatever emotions arise as a result of the previous steps.  Be unconditionally with those emotions.  Sink into them.  Use the Diving Deep technique: when you have clarity on the questions above and have felt them fully, ask yourself: When was the last time I felt this way?  When was the first time I felt this way?  Go through all the steps to dive completely into the anger.

Diving Deeper

Additional Options

  1. Breath in deeply for the count of four and out for the count of eight.  Do 12 times.
  2. Put your pen to paper.  Write your anger down so that you can get clarity to access the hurt and fear underneath.
  3. Catharsis-the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. Art, physical labor, etc.  Make sure that you do not practice catharsis unless you plan to address the underlying problems in order to provide long term change.
  4. Develop empathy & compassion. Try to understand where the person is coming from who is causing you anger.
  5. Music.  Seek out music which makes you feel better.
  6. Seek out water in any form.
  7. Pick something that feels better to focus on, something that makes you feel safe.
  8. Express your emotion directly to other people but be VERY clear about what we want by expressing.  If it is for validation, that may not be positive.  If it is because we want to stand up for ourselves, this may be beneficial.  If we want to become one with the anger causing person, we can expose our underbelly to them in this expression & share what the underlying fear or hurt is and what need can be met.
  9. If you cannot process this anger bring someone who sees anger as valid in to mediate and advance your vibration.

Heal & share.

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